The operator and sole owner of Lillafüred Sports and Adventure Park, its website dvtkpark.hu is ARAGO HOTELS Szállodaipari és Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Registered office: 1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152. 1st floor, door no. 119.
Represented by: Dr. Elemérné Hortolányi, Chairperson of the Board
Tax number: 14197338-2-43
Company registration number: 01-10-045890
Lillafüred Sports and Adventure Park 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 8.
Email: info@dvtkpark.hu
Phone: +36 46 546-405

Arago Hotels Szállodaipari és Szolgáltató Zrt. used non-refundable subsidies of HUF 352,146,427, with an aid intensity of 50%, awarded to its project proposal entitled “Lillafüred DVTK Adventure Park investment" submitted in response to a call for proposals entitled “Development of tourist attractions and services in convergence regions" under the Northern Hungary Operational Programme, as well as substantial own resources, to rehabilitate the area of the former ‘Zalka Máté’ Military Barracks and its vicinity. As a result of the investment, the action area specified also in the Integrated City Development Strategy adopted by the General Assembly of the Borough of Miskolc, Lillafüred and its environs, an area of strategic importance for tourism purposes, underwent significant development. The paving of Erzsébet sétány was renovated, the waters of the spring in the hillside was canalised, the sewer and canalisation system was refurbished, and over 100 parking places were created. Plans include the construction of a bridge over Szinva Creek within a few months, to facilitate pedestrian and vehicle traffic for the promenade. The project creates a significant number of jobs in the long run, both directly and indirectly. At the time of opening the park, tasks will be performed by over ten full-time employees as well as student workers, volunteers and part-time employees, offering jobs for nearly 50 people on average. The park design that exploits the region’s unparalleled features while reflecting an environmentally conscious approach is an innovative tourist attraction for the region that will stand the test of time and has every reason to expect visitors from all over Hungary. In addition to the extreme courses built and services offered, the park will regularly host cultural, sports and gastronomy programmes to strengthen the area’s touristic supply with new opportunities for leisure that are important on a national scale as well.


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